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iPad hand: the new RSIs

Our obsession with smartphones and tablets is becoming a real pain     New technology is supposed to make improvements to our lives. With our tablets and smartphones we can now work on the move, find information instantly and be in constant contact. But if your devotion to your gadget has started to be a… Read more »

Researcher evaluates Alexander Technique in pain clinics

Source: UWE News A researcher from the University of the West of England is looking into the use of the Alexander Technique (AT) as a teaching method to help people with chronic back pain and to explore the role of a specific service in an NHS pain clinic. UWE researcher Dr Stuart McClean will be working in… Read more »

Victoria Beckham fights poor posture with Alexander Technique

Source: Marie Claire She’s been wearing towering stilettos her whole life – but Victoria Beckham fears her love of lavish footwear may leave her with a hunchback look as she gets older. Instead of ditching the heels in favour of a nice pair of flatties, however, Victoria has turned to the Alexander Technique, a famous regime… Read more »