Sherry Loh

Sherry is a qualified member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, having trained full-time for 3-years with Carolyn Nicholls at her accredited Brighton College.

She discovered the Alexander Technique after conventional medicine failed to address a shoulder injury incurred while windsurfing. Having been a national swimmer and springboard diver from the age of 12, then a keen windsurfer and sailor, Sherry was devastated when the injury turned into chronic pain. This led to her having to give up the water sports she loved. Through Alexander Technique, she realised that her problems were caused by unconscious habits and the way she ‘used’ her body. This 100-year old technique enabled her recovery. She was so ecstatic that she made the decision to give up a successful fashion management career to train and qualify as an Alexander Technique teacher.

An avid follower of dance and theatre, Sherry is fascinated with movement and enjoys her work with dancers and actors, as well as business and private individuals. The Technique has had such a positive impact on lifestyles that her broad range of students now includes gardeners and doctors.

Having lived in Malaysia, Singapore and France, Sherry speaks fluent French and Chinese.

Today she divides her time between studios in Central London and Brighton. And she is swimming and sailing again…