Victoria Beckham fights poor posture with Alexander Technique

victoria beckham

Source: Marie Claire

She’s been wearing towering stilettos her whole life – but Victoria Beckham fears her love of lavish footwear may leave her with a hunchback look as she gets older.
Instead of ditching the heels in favour of a nice pair of flatties, however, Victoria has turned to the Alexander Technique, a famous regime which can help strengthen core muscles and re-align the spine.
Friends in LA recommended Victoria try the Alexander Technique after recent upset about her photos displaying a round-shouldered look.
A source explained, ‘Victoria has been working hard on getting a straight back and correcting her terrible posture’.
It seems years of bad postural habits have ‘caused her bones to be improperly aligned, with her muscles, joints and ligaments taking more stress than they should’.
The regime appears to be doing the trick. Said the source, ‘You can tell that something is working as the years of Victoria’s shoulders being slumped are now over’.
Many actors and dancers practice the correction regime in an attempt to improve movement and eliminate bad postural habits, which can be picked up over the years.
Actress Juliet Stevenson hailed the method as ‘miraculous’ while novelist Aldous Huxley claimed it cured him of ‘neurotic tendencies’.
Even Lenny Henry and Anthea Turner have had practitioner courses in the technique, which is said to drain stress and tension from the muscles, ease back pain and improve breathing problems. It also boosts physical endurance and flexibility, with claims it can improve women’s fertility.
Victoria, who is already said to be ‘walking straighter,’ is hoping for a double whammy of results for her twice-daily, post-gym efforts.
The designer also suffers problems with her feet. Recent reports say the workaholic mum-of-three refused a painful-sounding bunionectomy operation because the medical procedure would have left her out-of-action for weeks.